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Songs of the Weeks 13 & 14


Hello, hello! As I’ve effectively been avoiding my laptop like the plague because I was stressing out over my trip to New Orleans last week for RT Booklovers Convention, I am finally getting up the last two songs of the week. I’m going to get another one up for this week sometime and will HOPEFULLY be writing lots of reviews because my review pile is growing to crazy proportions. Since I have two songs this week I might as well start and make this short and sweet so I can get to writing some actual reviews.

The first song is off of the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album and I just remembered it and really need to get the album so hopefully this will make me remember. I present to you Birth by Thirty Seconds to Mars!

 (first obligatory dance)tumblr_m5bcsdmy8E1qk27t6

Now as I’m writing this I’m thinking why not just make this next song also from the Love Lust Faith + Dreams album. The next song is Conquistador which is also from the new album and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

(not really a dancing gif but the next best thing)


-Chelsea K.