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Silver Shadows



This is the sixth book in the Bloodlines series which is a spin off series of the Vampire Academy series also by Richelle Mead. So far I’ve really like this series but there was just something about this one that didn’t do it for me. The end of the book got better so I hope this means the next one is better.

Oh Adrian..you are without a doubt my favorite person in this series, your wit, your sarcasm, your romantic inclinations…you are amazing. He is such a dreamboat. He is also so damn loyal to Sydney and would do anything for her that it makes me swoon.


Now Sydney in this book wasn’t my favorite…at time I would just go really? Did she seriously just do that? She made me just a wee bit angry.


The story line in this book was average but there were more parts than I wanted that I feel didn’t necessarily have to be added and there were many parts that were just plain dull.

I would definitely suggest going and reading the rest of the series and I hope that the next one gets better.

-Chelsea K.