The Promise of Amazing




Goodreads Description:

Wren Caswell is average. Ranked in the middle of her class at Sacred Heart, she’s not popular, but not a social misfit. Wren is the quiet, “good” girl who’s always done what she’s supposed to—only now in her junior year, this passive strategy is backfiring. She wants to change, but doesn’t know how.

Grayson Barrett was the king of St. Gabe’s. Star of the lacrosse team, top of his class, on a fast track to a brilliant future—until he was expelled for being a “term paper pimp.” Now Gray is in a downward spiral and needs to change, but doesn’t know how. 

One fateful night their paths cross when Wren, working at her family’s Arthurian-themed catering hall, performs the Heimlich on Gray as he chokes on a cocktail weenie, saving his life literally and figuratively. What follows is the complicated, awkward, hilarious, and tender tale of two teens shedding their pasts, figuring out who they are—and falling in love.

Mainly I bought this book in the store because the cover is gorgeous and that basically sold me on it. Add in the fact that the lead characters names are Wren and Grayson..hells yeah. There were some parts in the book that were a bit bland and I’ve read some pretty horrible reviews for it but overall I really enjoyed this book.

So Grayson is pretty much a bad boy that’s trying to reform after being kicked out of school for being a…wait for it…term paper pimp. That is probably the most amusing ‘job description’ that I’ve read in a book.



I pretty much loved Gray right from the beginning. His mannerisms, his style, this witty quips…just mhmm. That’s a bit creepy but he was awesome. Now Wren, I really liked Wren. She was just of the sweet girl next door type of character, but she could hold her own against Gray in a conversation. I like how that author actually showed how the characters progressed throughout the book instead of just kind of letting them flop along.

I ended up really enjoying this book because since it’s not a mythical one it’s easier to imagine yourself in the characters shoes instead of if she was fighting an Ork or trying to fight demons, all those things that usually don’t happen in everyday life. I suggest reading it because it was an adorable book and who doesn’t like a reforming bad boy?

-Chelsea K.


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  1. Loved this book! Read it a little while ago and it was such a nice change from my usual reads. I loved the lightheartedness of it but I admit I wanted to know more about Gray. I think his story could have been further developed… Maybe it’s because I’m used to reading sagas and such so I sometimes feel standalone books should have been longer. Guess that’s a sign of good writing though!

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