Fragile Eternity & Radiant Shadows


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Fragile Eternity and Radiant Shadows are the third and fourth books in the Wicked Lovely series. This  is another faery series but it tends to lean towards the classic version of a faery. I’m currently watching the season finale of Hannibal which will make me take quite a bit of time writing this, not that you would know, so if you are a Hannibal fan you will understand.

(I bequeath thee with one of my favorite Hannibal gifs)


Now in these two books of the series I felt like it was lulled a bit. I was quite in love with the first two books and how they were written, they just didn’t have a lot of moments that didn’t fit, or just were a bit dull. I really liked that she wrote more on Seth because I never really got any personal insight on him until Fragile Eternity. I’m also happy that Niall and Seth are pretty much bffles (please excuse my use of this word). They are probably the most adorable pair in this whole series so far, well I guess you can add Irial to the mix because he’s one hot pot of stuffing. As you can tell I’m feeling the cheesy phrases tonight so you might as well strap in and enjoy the ride.


Well, you can see that Niall, Seth, and Irial are my favorite people in this series but in Radiant Shadows Devil punches his way into my heart. All of these guys have that bad boy attitude that draws me in like a fly to a light, but they are all still such differential people. Aislinn still annoys the hell out of me at parts when she is her POVs in Fragile Eternity and then when she is mentioned in Radiant Shadows. There is just something about her character that just rubs me the wrong way, she might just be one of those people that if I met them in real life I’d get the feeling that they would be a bit bitchy (this is just in my opinion and how my personality is compared to hers). Now time to get started on Keenan. Good God. In these two books my hatred for Keenan has grown. I really used to like the guy but now….

(I’m just all for semi-inappropriate gifs today)



The story line has been pretty average for it. The ideas were great but they weren’t executed to the best that they could have been. Otherwise it was really interesting in the parts that it was executed well and otherwise I enjoyed it. For all you mythological people out there that have a hankering for faeries and like it old school faery and also tatted up faeries, then this is the series for you.

-Chelsea K.

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